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(heee i'm so happy, first post!)


Guys. Yes, guys. I mean... what the fuck? Why is it so hard to talk to hot ones? Why can't they ever be BLUNT about there feelings? WHAT IS UP WITH THE FUCKING MIND GAMES!!?? I stepped on a really hot guys foot, and felt like a total stupid ass for it. I step on peoples feet all the fucking time, why did I feel so dumb for stepping on his toes? Yuck. Fuckers.

AND WHY ARE PEOPLE LIKE HILARY DUFF IN THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AND I'M NOT?! I don't get that shit. Hollywood sucks man, you need connections to do anything you want there. I HAVE NO CONNECTIONS. Why did Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch get discovered, but not me. AND WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH AMERICAN IDOL?!?! Bastards, all of them.

YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS REALLY PISSING ME OFF?! The fact that I can't find the lyrics to this damn song! (Maria "I Give, You Take"). I've looked everyone and NOTHING. I'm also pissed off no one is JOINING MY FRIGGIN' HP FAN FIC COMM YET (fics_r_us!!! join join join!!!).

Okay, so it was random pissed off-ness. I needed to vent. But ya know what? Thats also the first post. w00t. I mean ARGH!!

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them guys!! whores!!!
I'm new, I hope you don't mind me posting in this. I need to rant.

HOLY FREAKING SCREAMING CRAP. enrique englasias, epitomy of all that is cheesy and false in it's making. I just saw his new video tonight and he had that girl from the O.C. there, and he sang something like "I love it when we make love" or something like that. but she's so freakin young, it should be "I love it when I commit statutory rape against you"! what the freak is wrong with him? he always acts like he's being watched or taken pictures of. he always has this open mouthed (a quarter of an inch open), slitty eyes, hunched shoulders, walking slowly exaggerating his phony sex appeal. oy, I strongly dislike that man. I wish he would just dissappear into his freakin cologned scent air!!!

"I Give, You Take"

If you cut, I will bleed, bring me down to my knees
You make me feel what I am is never good enough
Can you help me understand, thought I made you a better man
I guess somehow along the way, things just change

It seems just like a distant memory
That you used to be good for me
But, baby, now it's clear

I give you take, somehow it's gonna break
I pray for the strength, I hate to say
I know we can't go on this way
I give you take, I know we're gonna break
And it hurts my soul, I hate to say
We can't go on this way

With your words you pull me in, I always lose I just can't win
And though I see my heart is blind, it gives in every time
You've got me on constant repeat, I need a cure or a remedy
'cause if I stay there won't be, nothing left for me...

Now there's nothing left for us to save 'cause only bitterness remains
What we have is like a house of cards and it's falling apart
And It's impossible to get it back with the bridges that you've burned
I guess it's time to walk away 'cause now it's so clear...

[Thanks to for these lyrics]