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Stupid people are stupid.

My friend Chris is an arrogant fucker.
I sent him the following email this morning:

You are egotistical, callous, and inconsiderate. You call me fat despite the fact that you know that that is something that I am particularly sensitive about. You ignore me sporadically. You never want to see me. It looks suspiciously as if you care about me only when there is nobody “better” around, or else when you are horny. This is made apparent to me by the fact that you do not want an actual relationship with me. You obviously do not love me as you say you do, or you would be able to make some sort of commitment to me.
Also, maybe I’m making a snap judgment here, but what you call “flirting” seems to me as a manipulative way of lowering my self-esteem just to convince me to sleep with you. You may think that I’m easy, but I’m not.
For some reason, you expect me to be perfectly fine with all of this. Well, I’m not all right with any of this, so, consequently, I can not be involved with you."

And he wrote me back:

"I imagine this wasn't just brought on by you just thinking about it. Something happened while I wasn't around that made you change your opinion of me. Perhaps you talked to someone, perhaps you made out with someone, who knows anymore?"

First of all, where the hell does he get this "while I wasn't around" shit? When is he ever around? Apparently, he doesn't believe that I am actually capable of thinking for myself. And I haven't made out with anyone; I haven't even touched another guy. Also, notice that he didn't deny any of it. Wow, I'm so glad I didn't sleep with him. Stupid bitch Chris.
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