Isabella (isabellacantino) wrote in damn_pissed,

I just realized high school is the MOST ANNOYING PLACE IN THE WORLD! if you have any friends you cant flirt with guys w/o getting a barrage of immature questions and sound effects. And I just wish my generation woud GROW up already so I would be able to act my age not THEIRS! jesus! I used to wish I was in high school when I was in elementary school cause I thought then guys were smart enough to act right around girls not ridiculous! and I wanted to be able to talk about shit without getting "OOOOHHH!!!! Isabella! you weirdo!" so I finally get to fuckin high school and nothing really changes except ppl dont say "OOOOOHHH!" they just give you dumb looks or make childish comments. now my dream is to be in my late 20's where I can meet ANYONE but I have a horrible feeling even then ppl will be too stupid to have any fun w/ me! I'm a fun-loving person, I love risks and action...but my friends are just at the "holding hands" stage it seems. Will I ever find someone who wants to have as much fun as I do? Will I ever get to an age where I can fuckin flirt with a guy and not get all these looks and comments and stupid high school gossip bullshit?! does anyone out there sympathize?! I dont want to have friends if they're gonna nose into all my shit like that! I wanna just have some fuckin FUN!

Another rant:
My friend ashley is TOTALLY hitting on me. I'm TOTALLY STRAIGHT. I do not like to have her tits rubbing up against me or have her slap my ass or give me thos kissy faces that are really, threateningly close. I dont want my nipples pinched I dont want my ass touched, tickled, petted, etc. I want to be friends without the whole lesbian thing. I just dont feel it with her! I'm not attracted to her! I'm the most pro-gay person I know but I am pretty straight! I have never felt sexually attracted towards a girl and have found myself attracted to guys only. Ashley seems to think she can change that, but I dont feel anything towards her, I am a very open person when it comes to sexuality but there is no sexual attraction - and shes making quite a show for the guys with the things she doing to me. I try to play it as a joke cause shes playing it as a joke(she has a boyfriend and she never admitted shes bi) but its rally starting to freak me out cause I know shes for real. no one believes me cause she does shit ike that alot but I can feel it,through her body language, that shes serious. like you can tell through a guys hug if hes attracted to you or not. I am an expert at body language too and I always catch bullshit so I know this is real. I also tend to stumble in weird and unusual situations such as these so it makes sense.

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