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A Rant About...

Jessica Simpson

Boy, that girl just gets on my nerves. You know, I used to actually like her. But she's so -- freakin' -- STUPID!! How does one have that low an I.Q and manage to put their SHOES on in the morning?! And then she's got this ABSOLUTE HOTTIE Nick Lachey for a husband. WHY?! I was watching the Newlyweds this evening... and she's complaining about Home Depot being hot. "Nick, I'm really hot. Are you done yet?"

"I'm hot. Can we go?"

HOLY HELL. If I ever met this girl on the street, I'd be sure to kick the shit out of her. "I don't eat buffalo."...

May I just say this girl needs to be put out to pasture and shot? Shes 23 years old and can't clean up after herself. Cause her mama did it for her all the time. SHE'S MARRIED TO NICK LACHEY. Jessica Simpson, that stupid blonde. She gives us smart(er) blondes a bad name! I swear, I'm gonna start calling people Jessica if they're being stupid. Swear on my life I will.

I'm just flabberghasted about her stupidity. What happened to the average girl you'd see on TRL? She wasn't so stupid back then, in fact... she was cool back then! NOW, she's married, not a virgin anymore, and SO FREAKING STUPID. I want to hit her with a baseball bat consistantly. Every time she opens her mouth... WHAM! Right over the frickin' head.

Okay, I'm done. Sorry, I had to get that off my chest.
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